Self Protection & Personal Safety


What Dangerous Dames does

Face to face

This session is designed for those in real estate, retail, customer service roles and for those who operate in unfamiliar locations with unfamiliar people.

The Face to Face  session explores the fundamentals of physical self-protection and the principles of personal safety and will make how you do what you do safer day to day.


Purpose built for under 18′s, Tenacious is self-protection and personal safety with a teen focus.

The session encourages participants toembrace a healthy self-protection mindset and introduces them to effective physical self-protection, resistance and escape responses and principles.


Self-protection & personal safety isn’t all about kicking a bad guy where it hurts, but...

DD Essentials is an exploration of key physical responses and vital personal safety and resistance principles.  

 A comprehensive introduction to self-protection that ticks all the boxes.

Play Safe

We have a powerful obligation as parents to nurture and protect our little people.

Encouraging children to make good choices and to be aware of potential dangers, Play Safe Stay Safe gives children confidence to recognise, respond and remove themselves from harmful situations and get to safety.


Dangerous Dames is big on "Awareness." Being where you are. Every learning option highlights relevant personal safety principles and practices that keep you safer day to day beyond the bad guy. 


"Resistance" is one of the three things an attacker doesn't want. Verbal & physical resistance can deter an attacker and create an opportunity to get to safety or find support.

Do something. Do nothing.

Dangerous Dames delivers Mobile Self-protection and can do what it does wherever you are. In your home or where you work. If you don’t have space we can find a place. The time flexible sessions can go from 1 to 3 hours and can be designed to suit your specific situation or occupation.

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